Everest 870HP Truckmount

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Everest 870 Hp Truckmount Description

Delivering serious power for the most serious cleaning and restoration professionals, the Everest 870HP truckmount is the culmination of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific innovative engineering. Legend Brands has paired a liquid-cooled fuel-injected Kubota 4-cylinder engine with a Eurus vacuum blower to deliver truly industry-leading power, performance and durability.
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Item # 72-870HP: 120 gal. / 454 L waste tank
Everest 870 Hp Truckmount Specifications
Power plant: Kubota liquid-cooled 57 HP fuel injected gasoline engine
Vacuum pump: Industrial-grade Eurus positive displacement blower with vacuum to 13 in. Hg at 3580 RPM
Solution pump: General Pump delivering up to 5.6 GPM and up to 2500 psi at 1500 RPM (high speed setting)
Chemical injection system: Last step injection

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