The carpet cleaning tools on this page are of the specialty nature with rotary extractor wands and spotting extractors like the Water Claw. These carpet cleaning tools are necessary to complete the multiple aspects of carpet cleaning which doesn't only include a general carpet cleaning wand for a broad cleaning of any given carpet. Running across fresh spills and dried out spots is inevitable and having the correct tools to get the job done is essential to give a clean your customers will love.

Carpets on flat floors arent the only thing a technician will encounter on the job. There will also be stairs and chairs. Having the right tools to tackle these jobs too along with the original carpet cleaning will offer a high level of service to every customers home you enter. A one stop shop where the there house looks smells and feels like new. Stair wands and upholstery wands are the two pieces of of carpet cleaning tools that can make this happen so browse through our line up and give us a call at 501-771-1416 to help you through your new investment.


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