Zipwall Kit 12', 4 Pole Pack w/Bag

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ZipWall - 4 Pack Plus

Award Winning Barrier Products

Invented by a contractor, the ZipWall® System was the result of a long search for a way to put up a dust barrier quickly, without using tape, nails, or other materials that are slow and damaging to walls and ceilings. ZipWall® products are currently sold worldwide and are also used in hospitals, museums, airports, industrial clean-rooms, etc.

A Plastic thickness of up to 8 mils can be used with the ZipWall® system.
Also works with light canvas tarps or cotton fabrics.
SLP - Spring-Loaded Poles: Extend from 4' 7" to 12'.
Note: Classic Jacks (right), used in earlier models, are now much stronger, virtually unbreakable.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 - Spring Loaded Poles
  • 4 - Sets of Parts (head, plate, tether, GripDisk™)
  • 2 - Foam Rails
  • 1 - Box of two Standard Zippers
  • 1 - Carry Bag
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