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The Turtle power distribution box has a maximum running capacity of 60 amps at 120v.

Each 15 amp GFCI runs off of its own individual 15 amp breaker.

The unit can be powered by either a 50 amp range outlet or a 30 amp dryer outlet.

National Electric code for extended power usage states that you shouldn't exceed 80%. For the extended use of the box, only 12 amps per GFCI should be utilized.

The Turtle Power Kit Comes with:

  • Turtle Power Box

  • Rolling/ Back Strapped Equipment Bag

  • 3 Prong Range Connector (8ft)

  • 3 Prong Dryer Connector (8ft)

  • 4 Prong Range Connector (8ft)

  • 4 Prong Dryer Connector (8ft)

  • 4 x 15' Blue lighted 12g extension cords

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