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Super pHlex Restorative Carpet Cleaning Prespray, Gl, Dilutions: 1:16(see directions below) pH: 12.0

Super pHlex is a concentrated heavy duty traffic lane cleaner designed to emulsify the toughest soils and greases. The Super pHlex blend of solvents, alkaline builders and the latest surfactant technology give you the power to bring dingy traffic lanes back to life. The Super pHlex fast acting formulation goes to work the minute it is applied to carpet thus helping to eliminate over wetting heavily soiled areas. Super pHlex is not designed for use with 5th generation carpet fibers.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always pretest in an inconspicuous area for fabric compatibility.

FOR PUMP OR ELECTRIC SPRAYERS: Dilute 1 part Super pHlex with 16 parts hot water (8 ounces Super pHlex to 1 gallon of water). Spray entire area to be cleaned and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time for maximum performance. Extract carpet with appropriate equipment.

FOR INJECTION SPRAYERS: Dilute Super pHlex 1 to 1 with water in the 5 quart container for 1:8 type injection sprayers. For adjustable sprayers do not dilute Super pHlex. Fill 5 quart container and set meter at 1:16. Spray carpet allowing 5 to 10 minutes of dwell time for best results. Extract carpet with appropriate tools.

FOR EXTRA HEAVY SOIL: For pump of electric sprayers add 1 ounce of Natural Orange DS per gallon of ready to use pre-spray. For injection sprayers add 8 ounces of Natural Orange DS to the 5 quart container.

To increase the performance use Newline Emulso extraction detergent or Final Rinse.

Dilutions: 1:16

pH: 12.0

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