Spotmaster Pro X-P, Qt

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Spotmaster Pro XP, Qt

Extreme Performance Spot & Stain Remover

SpotMaster Pro XP serves as the cleaning professional’s first response solution to a wide variety of common food and beverage spills on carpet and upholstery, effectively removing 90% or more of spilled materials completely. Now with the synergistic addition of specialized surfactants, stain eliminators, plant derived solvents, and encapsulating polymers, SpotMaster Pro XP moves to the next step in extreme performance spot and stain removal.

SpotMaster Pro XP is the ideal spot remover for most common food and beverage spills. Special additives make it a stain eliminator on more problematic stains like iodine and red wine. It is your best response for protein spills and stains like egg, blood, milk and grass stains. Plant derived solvents make it effective on many oil based spots and stains like ink, lipstick, shoe polish, grease, oil and tar.

Finally, encapsulating polymers help prevent wickback of spots and stains without any additional treatments or steps. Unlike most industry general spotters, SpotMaster Pro XP is a professional strength spotting solution that should be used by a trained cleaning professional only. Some specialized solvent soluble spots and stains, like gum, permanent marker, paint, fingernail polish, adhesives, and problematic inks (ink jet printer, stamp pad, duplicating, etc.) may require the additional application of SpotMaster Gel XP or OJ for more effective removal.

Dilution Ratio(s): RTU
pH: 8.0-9.0
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