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SERUM-SRTM has a multitude of other uses such as a heavy duty degreaser for cleaning and degreasing heavy equipment, bar-be-que cookers and smokers, smoke house cleaner, it will clean white wall and black wall tires, engines and a lot more. DIRECTIONS FOR USE:

For Heavy Duty Smoke Removal:

Use as is or dilute 1 part SERUM-SRTM with 1 part water. Pour this solution into spray bottle or pump up sprayer for use as a spray-on degreaser on smoke damaged porous and non-porous substrates. Spray or mop on, allow a few minutes dwell time, for best results use a pressure washer to rinse the SERUM-SRTM out of and off of the surfaces in the smoke damaged areas. In severe smoke damage cases, apply the SERUM-SRTM as is do not dilute with water. When finished, install enough dehumidifiers to dry the area down to less that 15% relative humidity in the porous wood surfaces. Once the wood is dried down to at or below 15% apply Serum 1000® to all affectded areas to kill all the smoke odor in the structure. Serum 1000® is a 20% formulated hydrogen peroxide cleaner that will oxidize all the carbon material on and in the porous materials affected by the fire. Serum 1000® will leave the space smoke odor free that will not return. Serum 1000® will leave the space smelling fresh and clean.

Dilute 1 part SERUM-SRTM with 5 parts water. Pour this solution into spray bottle or pump up sprayer for use as a spray-on cleaner/degreaser on industrial walls, floors, and equipment, etc. Spray or mop on, allow a few seconds dwell time then wipe or pressure wash clean.

Dilute 1 part SERUM-SRTM with 10 parts water. Pour this solution into spray bottle or pump up sprayer for use as a spray and wipe cleaner degreaser on walls, floors, counter tops, toilets, bath tubs, etc. Spray or mop on, allow a few seconds dwell time then wipe or mop clean.




SERUM-SRTM is designed to be used as a caustic type heavy duty cleaner and degreaser. SERUM-SRTM is designed to clean up after fire damage occurs in structures. SERUM-SRTM will dissolve carbon deposits left on surfaces after fire damage. It will penetrate the substrate of porous materials to bring out the smoke soot and help to mitigate the smoke odor.

 For Medium Duty Cleaning:

For Light Duty Cleaning:


 Serum Products, LLC


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. When not in use, keep container tightly closed. Do not dispose of unused portions into water ways, creeks, rivers, estuaries or oceans. Do not reuse empty container. Proper Per- sonal Protection Equipment (PPE): use full face mask with filter cartridges such as 3M 60926 or equivalent, full body protection suit with head and foot covers, chemical resistant gloves and boots, tape at the wrist over suit and gloves to prevent unwanted exposure to the product. Change air filter cartridges at manufacturers recommended frequency. Discard body suit after one use. DO NOT REUSE BODY SUIT.


Our Serum System was used on Extreme Make Over - Home Edition March 11, 2007 on a house in Lake Ar-

rowhead, Ga.

The newly constructed house stood for over 14 months unfinished because of family tragedy.

The front foundation did not have a french drain to divert water. Water ran under the front footing and was trapped in the crawl space by the back foundation wall. There was no vents in the foundation to exhaust the moisture. Moisture intruded from the sides and top of the structure as well.

As a result of these conditions, the crawl space was really filthy and ultimately filthy throughout the interior of the house.

The house has two 2700 sq. ft. stories with bonus rooms in the cathedral ceiling and a 2700 sq. ft. crawl space. Total area for cleaning was about 42,400 sq. ft. of sprayable area and only 24 hours to accomplish the job! The job was finished in less than 21 hours with no return of unsightly stains or objectionable odors. Oh and the house was totally uncontained the entire time during cleaning and testing!!! The house

   Serum Products, LLC

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