Serum 2000 Step 2 Coating, Pl

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Serum 2000 Step 2 Coating, Pl
Serum 2000 is a BIO DISPERSANT formulated with siloxane. Siloxane chemically attaches to any surface to give the longevity and durability required for long term survival. The polymers that reside on the siloxane backbone are charged to repel organic molecules. Serum 2000 can be applied to any interior surface not harmed by water, dries clear, remains flexible, remains breathable and is non-intrusive to the applied surface. It may be applied to all the materials of construction as well as cloth upholstery, carpet and pad, as well as many other materials that need to be protected against organic contamination.
New structures are often exposed to large amounts of organic contamination. Serum 2000 can be applied materials of construction to protect against organic matter contamination. A blue tint may be added to the process for verification.
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