Serum 1000

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Brand: Serum Products, LLC

Serum 1000 Step 1 Mold Cleaner, Pl

Serum 1000 is a surface and substrate cleaner for removal of organic contamination. Best when applied with the Serum Eliminator Soft Spray System. It accomplishes this by the use of hydrogen peroxide formulated with surface active agents. This formulation allows Serum 1000 to break surface tension to penetrate deep into the substrate of porous materials. The Serum 1000 reacts with organic matter to generate profuse foam boiling the contamination to the surface for removal via HEPA vacuuming. Serum 1000 also reacts with the organic contamination on the surface generating profuse foam, breaking everything loose from the surface and up into the foam for removal via HEPA vacuuming. Serum 1000, using the Serum Eliminator, may be applied to any surface not harmed by water. Serum 1000 doesn't leave behind any toxic or hazardous chemicals. Serum 1000 degrades to water and oxygen. There is nothing left behind to gas off after drying. NO VOC's.

Serum 1000 Safety Data Sheet

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