Powdered Blue LAVA Prespray 7.5 lb jar

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Blue LAVA Carpet Cleaning Prespray

Blue LAVA is a high pH powdered NON-OXY prespray and extraction cleaner for commercial carpets and upholstery. This easy-to-mix powder prespray needs only 2-4 oz per gallon and has a very mild citrus scent that can be used in populated areas without getting fragrance complaints. Since Blue LAVA can be easily mixed with cold or warm water, it is the perfect choice for locations that can’t supply hot water. Blue LAVA pre spray carpet cleaner cleans exceptionally well and rinses clean for fresh carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Blue LAVA also contains AFT (Active Film Technology) which helps keep fibers cleaner longer by blocking oily binders and biofilms, assuring your customers they chose the best carpet cleaning company when they hired you.

  • Easy-to-mix powder prespray in hot or cold water
  • Non-oxy formula
  • Contains AFT to keep fibers cleaner longer
  • Light, pleasant scent that can be used in populated areas
  • Removes heavy soil loads
  • Money saving 7.5-pound jar, not 6.5 like our competitors
  • We offer 15% more, an entire extra pound for the same money!
  • pH 12.5



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