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Brand: Protimeter

The Hygrohawk is a unique instrument that can be used for spot measurements of humidity and temperature and as a data logger for monitoring humidity and temperature trends. It is a versatile tool ideally suited for professionals involved in the following industries: • Disaster restoration • Building survey/home inspection • Dampness diagnosis in buildings • Flooring installation • Specialty coating applications

Functions and Features

The measurements that can be displayed on the HygroHawk are:

• Relative humidity • Air temperature • Dew point temperature • Mixing ratio/absolute humidity/grains per pound • Surface temperature (optional sensor) • Surface and dew point temperature difference • Fast response time Relative humidity and air temperature values are displayed simultaneously when switching the HygroHawk on. Dew point and mixing ratio/absolute humidity are displayed at the touch of a button. An optional surface temperature probe is required to display surface temperature and temperature difference measurements.

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