New Frost, Gl

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New Frost Odor Counteractant, Gl
New Frost is a premium odor counteractant that encapsulates odors immediately upon contact. New Frost is not a masking agent as it eliminates odors permanently by attacking the chemical structure of many offensive odors. New Frost is formulated for institutional and commercial use. New Frost may be added to any residential or commercial cleaning product to improve air quality thus improving the cleaning system. New Frost can also be ULV fogged, injected and used as a post spray.
New Frost is recommended for use on the following odors: (urine, pet, smoke, mildew, bacteria, vomit, skunk, airborne malodor, sewage, trash, organic, sulfide and more).

Dilution: 1 to 16 oz. / gallon of water depending on situation
pH: 7.0
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