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New Energy, GL |

A "POG" Spotter and Pre-Spray Booster For Commercial Cleaning |

New Energy is a semi-volatile and multipurpose solvent spotter, carpet pre-spray booster and Olefin pre-spray. New Energy improves the cleaning ability of any pre-spray or detergent when used as a booster. New Energy excels at emulsifying oils, waxes and tars from carpet fibers. New Energy also performs as a great Paint, Oil and Grease spotter.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Always pretest in a small inconspicuous area for fabric compatibility. Do not apply full strength to carpet as it will cause carpet backing delamination.

To Remove Stains and Spots: Apply New Energy full strength to carpet and upholstery using a white cloth. After treating area, rinse area thoroughly. To remove wax, paint, and gum apply New Energy full strength on to the residue and use a dull scraper to remove material being loosened.

Pre Spray Booster: For pump and electric sprayers add 1 ounce of New Energy to every 2 gallons of ready to use prespray. For injection sprayers add 4 ounces of New Energy to 5 quart container. Set dilution to 1:8.

Olefin PreSpray: Dilute New Energy 8 to 16 ounces per gallon of water Spray area to be treated. Allow 5 minutes dwell time and rinse thoroughly. FOr best results rinse with Final Rinse.

Dilution: 1/2 oz. to RTU gl of pre-spray

pH: NA

Dilution: 1/2 oz. to RTU gl of pre-spray
pH: NA
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