New Brand Label Urine Stain Remover, 12 Quart Case

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New Brand Urine Stain Remover, Qt

New Brand Label Urine Stain Remover - 12 Quart Case

Custom Label Fee Required - $49.95 (Call To Set Up Label)

Urine Stain Remover is specially formulated to remove that tough yellow stain on carpet and upholstery that is associated with pet stains. This product also eliminates any residual odors, it does not mask odors but eliminates them.

Here Are The Benefits…
It makes your customer remember you. You’ll be marketing your chemical, not some chemical manufacturer. With a QR Code, you’ll drive customers to your web site. You’ll make well over 60% profit when selling to your clients or customers at trade shows. Your cost is $5.99 per quart and our suggested retail is $16.99 per quart. You can also use them as a give away to sell other services. With only a one case minimum (12 quarts) it’s a no brainer.

Here’s How It Works…
You start off by paying your design fees for the label customization. Next, we send you a proof mock up of what your bottles will look like. Then, upon your approval we put your order through for the number of cases you ordered. Finally, your distributor will contact you when your chemicals are ready to be picked up.

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