Hydramaster Titan H20 - Flood Extractor

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Brand: Hydramaster

Hydramaster Titan H20 - Flood Extractor.

Built to extract water, the newest member of the Titan family, the Titan H20 is a specialist in its field. HydraMaster has designed this machine exclusively for the professional water damage restoration contractor. It has everything you need to remove water in a hurry, but it’s 75% easier to operate than a traditional truckmount and required 50% less maintenance. The Titan H2O has the power you need for major flood work and water removal. WIth a liquid-cooled 32.5HP engine and over 400cfm, there’s more than enough power to handle extra-long hose reaches, you can run dual wands and achieve quick drying times.

• Handles residential and commercial water extraction jobs
• Simplified design for easy maintenance
• Dual wand capable
• Extreme water recovery for fast drying times
• Sight windows to keep tabs on oil levels
• Magnetic panels for easy maintenance access

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