Electrostatic Disinfection Spray System | 360 STERILE® Model R40 (FINANCING AVAILABLE)

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Brand: 360 Sterile

The 360 STERILE® Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer R40 is our newest model and its best in class in performance, capacity and build. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective system that can successfully help to kill and disinfect both bacteria and viruses. Our system is the most reliable and efficient approach to quickly and thoroughly provide clean, safe areas wherever you need to. You will love this system because not only do you get the more powerful and dependable electrostatic disinfection sprayer, but you get a system that offers mobility and safety as well.


Backpack Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer

Thanks to the mobility and safety of this product, you can confidently take our sprayer to wherever you need it the most. You can trust that after using our product, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of illness again. Anyone can use this product due to its simple and straight-forward design. Our goal was to make a product that everyone can use to disinfect their facilities or homes in the quickest and most effective way possible. We accomplished that goal with this product.
Electrostatic Charge

What makes our product really stand out is the innovative use of electrostatic charges, making it effective and unique. The disinfection liquid that gets sprayed out of our system is negatively charged by static electricity. What this means for you is that once you spray it, the liquid will better attract to the objects that you are spraying. This unique solution better sticks to the objects, providing the optimal amounts of sanitation and disinfection.

360 Degree Electrostatic Spray Coverage

Our electrostatic charge ionizes the disinfection liquid. When you use this innovative and advanced technology, the charged disinfection liquid will more effectively cover all of the objects that are being sprayed due to the opposite charge of the liquid and the objects. The spray offers full 360 degree coverage in a way that no other uncharged disinfectant every could.

Features and Benefits of 360 STERILE® R40 Disinfection Sprayer

• High quality electrostatic technology that was built to last.
• Easy-to-use design
• 75% cost savings when compared to buying traditional disinfectants
• 90% cost savings on labor
• 10x faster that standard disinfection approaches
• Up 24,000 sq. ft. per hour practical coverage and 60,000 sq ft. per hour nominal coverage
• Generates 100 microns droplets
• 30KV electrostatic charge
• Replaceable battery

Cost Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection

The 360 STERILE® Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer was specifically made with this remarkable and innovative design to ensure the best product possible for our customers. You want to make decisions that will help you save money while giving you the protection that you need. Now, you can feel confident that by using our product, you will save up to 75% in labor costs. Not only will you benefit from the savings from the labor costs, you will also save on your chemical usage since you are using significantly less chemicals. Our system allows you to get the optimal level of clean in a fraction of the time as other approaches, saving you time and money on your cleaning thanks to our user-friendly, single operator system.


Tank Size: 4 US Gallon (15.1 L)
Power Type: Lithium ion battery operated
Continuous Working Time: Up to 6 hrs
Coverage: Up to 24,000 sq.ft / hr
Electrostatic Charge: Up to 30 KV
Droplet Size: As small as 40 microns
Flow Rate: 310 ml/min
Voltage: 12.6 V
Input: 110 V (US & Canada)/ 220-240 V (UK & EU)
Battery Capacity: 12 Ah
Pressure: 22-58 PSI (0.15-0.4 MPa)
Weight – Empty: 11 lbs (5 KG)
Weight – Full: 44 lbs (20 KG)
Dimensions: 16”H x 13”L x 8”W (42H x 33L x 20W cm)

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