Clean DynamiX 24-Gallon Flood Pumper Single Power Cord - 13 Amps, 2-Stage Vacuum Motor, Flood Pumper

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Brand: Clean Dynamix

> A powerful 2-stage vacuum motor and 40 GPM flowthrough pump allows all waste water to be recovered at 40 gallons per minute.
> The auto pump-out feature works continuously, automatically dumping water so tanks don’t have to be emptied when full. 24-gallon capacity.
> The high performance motor stays cool with an innovative air intake design that uses the vacuum’s own cooling fans to pull cool, outside air over the motor, reducing motor temperature and preventing overheating.
> Waist-high controls prevent bending and stooping to operate the machine. The controls are recessed in the machine and stay protected during use, in transit or in storage.
> 10” non-skid, non-marking wheels make stair climbing easy and do not scuff floors.
> Roto-molded polyethylene body withstands the toughest working environments and resist dents, chips and cracks. Looks professional longer.
> Includes (1) 25-foot, 12/3-gauge safety power cord.
> Includes (1) 25-foot 2” wide vacuum intake hose and (1) 25-foot 2” wide pump-out hose.


Capacity: 24-Gallon

Motor: (1) 2-Stage

Pump: (1) 3/4 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled, 1725 RPM Waste Dump Pump

Pump-Out Rate: 40.0 GPM

Water Lift / CFM: 110” / 120 CFM

Air Watts / Amps: 520 AW / 14.3 Amps

Vacuum Intake Hose: (1) 25-Foot, 2” Wide

Pump-Out Hose: (1) 25-Foot, 2” Wide

Overflow Protection: Automatic On/Off

Power Cord: (1) 25-Foot, 12/3-Gauge Safety Power Cord

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