Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 200G (2 100G tablets)

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Brand: Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 deodorizer kits by Reset may be the solution you’re looking for if you’ve had trouble eliminating odors in a building. Reset Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 is a powerful oxidizing agent which is widely used in water treatment and other industrial operations. While chlorine dioxide is most commonly used as a liquid solution, these kits are uniquely designed to release a Reset Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 vapor when mixed together in water. The Reset Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 vapor can quickly fill the interior of a building, destroying odor sources in just 4 to 6 hours.

In fact, Reset Chlorine Dioxide CLO2 can be safely used to eliminate odor in nearly any enclosed space.

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